Do Maltese Shed?

Do Maltese Shed

Nearly all dogs shed to a certain degree, some dogs like the maltese puppies shed more than others even within the same breed, and so this answers the question do maltese. So itโ€™s practically impossible to avoid shedding by a maltipoo unless you have a hairless dog the same can be said for a Maltipoo.

Other dog breeds alongside the Maltese shed and regrow their fur because this process helps to boost and regulate the body temperature through various seasons. Normally, when your Maltese puppy hair stops growing or is damaged, itโ€™ll shed and shortly after the growth of new hair.

Maltese dogs are a breed which are known for minimal or rather no shedding of their hair ,every animal will leave some hair behind humans u need not worry because shedding is definitely a non issue with the Maltese breed. And before we get into how much a Maltese shed, thereโ€™s a need to understand his coat. The Maltese is a special dog and so is its coat.

The Maltese is a single coat breed, rather than a double coat, this means that rather than having what most dogs have which is fur, Maltese have hair. In fact it is a common saying that amongst all other dog breeds the Maltese hair is the most similar to that of humans, itโ€™s a lot like the hair on your head. Which is why so many refer to the Maltese dog as hypoallergenic which means it has no underlayer.

Double coat is more common for most dogs as it helps manage there body heat as well as weather resistant. A Maltese will shed yearly, however they may experience heavy shedding when temperature rises around spring time and will retain much hair during the winter season. Basically once spring comes, the dog tend to shed in preparation for warmer summer temperature.

Meanwhile it should be noted that shedding hair from a Maltese dog should be taken seriously as it is not something which the breed is known for, remember if you are unsure of anything consult your veterinarian and get their advice on the best course of action to take.

In order to determine why your Maltese puppy is shedding, you have to examine the related causes of shedding and then look at what options are available to help. The most common reasons for a Maltese puppy to shed their hair include: Allergies, Bathing too much, Food, Health problems, Stress and anxiety.
Finally, as to answer your question, Maltese puppies are hypoallergenic so it sheds in a technical sense. Those in hot climates might shed more because it has to balance its body temperature. Their hair is silky and long as such it needs to be brushed At least 2 times a week or more often because of their preferences and climate change.

Basically, they should be given a bath At least twice a month and taken to the groomers for overall cleaning around the same frequency. And whether you keep their hair long or short, your Maltese promise to always look pretty and adorable for you.

Maltese Dog Temperament

Do Maltese Shed

Maltese is such a sophisticated, sweet and lovely little breed with wonderful qualities that everyone will love to have in their dog. They are such people pleasers, and youโ€™ll need extra time and patience to train them. A Maltese is a small cute and intelligent dog, they are people orient and love to always be around humans cozying themselves in your arms or cuddling in your laps because they love closeness and attention so much. They are wonderful therapy dogs especially for their small size and loving personality.

You can determine a dogs personality largely from its environment and experience but the Maltese breed of known to possess some wonderful traits. They are typically gentle, loving, obedient, affectionate, smart and trusting. They can be prone to separation anxiety, you can easily help prevent this by training your Maltese dog, this gives the little fella a safe and cozy place to rest when you are not around.

They are also fun, playful and lively even as they grow old, this liveliness is a clear point that they require regular exercise, without it the typically well mannered Maltese can become destructive. Since they are such people pleasers, they cherish and adore the attention of their dog parents and you can fairly train them well to pick up new tricks and you may also need a little extra time and patience to house train them. They are also known to be picky eaters and may require more than what you give them as food. In addition, they are very alert and tend to react to unfamiliar noises or people.

Are They Any Black Maltese Dog And Do Black Maltese Shed

Do Maltese Shed

A black Maltese dog is not a purebred Maltese, the color black does not exist amongst the purebreds. So if you come across any black color Maltese just know it is a hybrid between a Maltese and another dog breed which ends up giving it the black color, and this is commonly refer to as the Maltese mix.

There are many types of Maltese mix breeds and some of these can result in black Maltipoo puppies, this can happen between the Pomeranian and a Maltese and the mix takes the black for the Pomeranian breed. Several dog breeders claim to sell purebreds Black Maltese and claim it to be a breed on its own, but those who follow the American Kennel Club standards know that there is only one true color coat; pure white, the club has set these standards and does not recognize any other color.

A purebred Maltese should have a pure white coat, although they can sometimes have lemon and tan colored areas. Apart from the coat, black spot markings can be evident on the eye rims, paws, nose and lips. If you ever come across an advert for Black Maltese puppy then it is more than likely a cross breed, as some breeders will use every possible trick in the world to sell their puppies and will even use the color variation of a crossbreed to refer to the dog as rare and then put an expensive price tag on it.

The actual reason Black Maltese are always mentioned is due to the fact that they are the exact opposite color of a purebred Maltipoo which is white, this contrast is most likely to captivate and entice buyers to purchase the black Maltipoo which they do not realize is a crossbreed. Also Albino Maltese exist though they are supremely rare and hard to find.

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